2017 CIG-LLNL Computational Seismology Workshop

Livermore, California

2017 CIG-LLNL Computational Seismology Workshop

S-WHAV: Seismology Workflows for HPC from Access through Visualization  


18-22 September 2017
Livermore Valley Open Campus
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, California

The goal of the workshop is to provide participants with hands-on, end-to-end experience in accessing, processing, modeling, and visualizing seismic data using advanced tools in seismological research. Participants will have access to FDSN data centers and HPC resources through the Livermore Open Campus (LVOC) to obtain and process seismic waveform data, run 3-D simulations to simulate the seismic wavefield in realistic 3D Earth models, and visualize the results.  Tutorials will be offered in ObsPy, SW4, SPECFEM3D, and more!

The workshop will include keynote talks on computational seismology, leading edge research, and tutorials. Software tutorials will include independent exercises and time for participants to tinker with their own research problems. Participants will share their research through posters and lighting talks to encourage scientific exchange.

Participant Limit: 55

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Organizing Committee

Arthur RodgersLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Cynthia GreenLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Lorraine HwangUniversity of California, Davis

Important Dates

Expression of Interest Closes: May 26, 2017
Notification Begins: June 9, 2017
Registration Closes*:  June 26, 2017

*Registration will remain open until full. All foreign nationals MUST register by this date to participate in LLNL facility tours.


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Workshop Information

Who is this Workshop For?

Graduate students and early career seismologists interested in: accessing and processing seismic waveform data with ObsPy; running large-scale parallel three-dimensional simulations of wave propagation and ground motions on hpc systems; and visualizing the output.  


Participants should have a strong UNIX, Linux and/or Mac OSX computer skills, some experience with Python and a foundation in seismology.  To obtain maximum benefits from this workshop, please see Technical Requirements for required skills.

We recommend that you pick up and read:

Please check back for a discount for workshop participants. Supplementary material is available on Seismo-Llve.

Participants must bring their own laptops with software pre-installed.


You must apply to attend. To be fully considered, please apply by May 26. You will be notified of your acceptance beginning June 9.  Your offer will include a link to register. If you are a foreign national, to fully participate in all events you MUST register by June 26.

Registration Fee

A registration fee of $200 will be charged to cover the costs of lunch and breaks. Registrations fees cannot be refunded.

Travel Support

Lodging at the DoubleTree Hotel, Livermore (double occupancy) is covered by the workshop.  Participants may apply for up to an additional $600 to cover transportation expenses.

Invited Speakers

Carene Larmat (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Tom Jordan (Southern California Earthquake Center & University of Southern California)
Norm Abrahamson (Pacific Gas & Electric)
Ebru Bozdag (Colorado School of Mines)


IRIS DMC Staff (IRIS, IRIS data access)
Lion Krischer (ETH Zurich, ObsPy)
Uno Vaaland (Princeton University, SPECFEM)
Anders Petersson (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, SW4)

Sponsored by

Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Seismological Society of America

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