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SEISMIC_CPML is a set of eleven open-source Fortran90 programs to solve the two-dimensional or three-dimensional isotropic or anisotropic elastic, viscoelastic or poroelastic wave equation using a finite-difference method with Convolutional or Auxiliary Perfectly Matched Layer (C-PML or ADE-PML) conditions, developed by Dimitri Komatitsch and Roland Martin from CNRS, France. Contributions by other authors have recently been added.

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SEISMIC_CPML_1.2.tar.gz [2013-02-07]

Version 1.2.* adds support for viscoelastic or poroelastic media as well as higher-order time schemes. A total of eleven programs are now included. Version 1.2 fixes potential problems in the stability of the codes in the case of very long runs (large number of time steps); the 2D and 3D codes were affected. It also fixes a small bug in the calculation of potential energy in postprocessing in the 3D codes (the 2D codes were unaffected).

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